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SEO Projects

KAT solutions offer a unique service through their quality SEO projects and solutions with a complete online marketing campaign.

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Pay Per Click

KAT solutions provide a competitive edge to the clients through pay per click services by identifying the advancement of tools and Google’s developments.

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SMO process

Through the SMO process, KAT solutions help in promoting your website, online business or brand by bringing more traffic from social media networks.

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Website Renovation

Through Website Renovation Workshop, KAT solutions mean to revamp your website with a new dimension. Identifying the problems

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Online Marketing

At every stage of online marketing for your brand, KAT solutions make an everlasting impact by getting the product to the right target audience.

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Social Media Marketing

KAT solutions help clients to increase the business lead generation through their successful social medial marketing techniques and strategies.

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Internet Marketing

Reach across the globe with the best of Internet marketing from KAT solutions. Strengthen your brand image with Internet marketing tactics.

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Lead Generation

All SEO activities merge into one basic theme, lead generation. KAT solutions aim at more lead generation, for it is the basic behind every business.

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Online Lead Generation Packages

Online lead generation packages from KAT solutions are optimized to the needs of clients, set within the financial boundary, yet provide outstanding results.

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SEO, SEM & SMO Service Packages

A complete successful formula for your ad campaign with the best SEO, SEM & SMO service packages from KAT solutions, the pioneer in SEO.

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e-Mail & Internet Marketing Packages

Get the instant promotion of your brand or service through the result-oriented e-Mail & Internet marketing packages offered by KAT solutions.

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Digital Marketing

The digital marketing packages from KAT solutions, specially designed towards the needs of every client, include our dedicated services for all.

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SEO Based Webdesign

A perfect web design that is highly optimized towards the search engine will provide the best justified effect. This is the reason that KAT solutions always places more stress on the SEO based web design.



Using AdWords and Social Media to Amplify Your Reach



How Our Experts Are Responding to Google’s August Updates



Have You Set Up Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics Yet?


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Why KAT Solutions?

Kat Solutions SEO Services Chennai

Quality and Effective SEO Services

Meet your targeted audience, make your business, and grab your profits
• Quality and effective SEO services
• Qualified experts with updated services
• Get high-end benefits at your economic cost
• Customized and comfortable service package
• On time delivery every time
• More ROI with the right business solutions
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SEO Services

  • Building an interactive, engaging and user-friendly ecommerce site
  • Decreasing the load time of website to reduce the bounce rate
  • Unique content to prevent loss of search impressions
  • Successful social media strategies by promoting reviews, community and photo sharing
  • Availability of mobile version of ecommerce website
  • Integration of Google webmaster tools, Google AdWords and Google Analytics to find and fix the SEO problems
  • Gain an increased website traffic and corresponding increase in sales
  • Connect with more customers than ever before with high conversions.
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SEO Services in
Joomla CMS

Kat-Solutions-Joomla-Seo Optimize your website to the Google’s algorithm with the SEO services Joomla and bring it to the top in the SERP. Get the best of Joomla from KAT solutions. Read more…

SEO Services in
WordPress CMS

SEO Services in WordPress CMS

We provide the best SEO services for your WordPress CMS website. KAT solutions aim to improve the rankings and gain more traffic. Read more…

SEO Services in
Drupal CMS

SEO Services in Drupal CMS KAT solutions, pioneer in SEO services, offer the professional website with Drupal CMS. We maximize the SEO quality and increase organic search traffic. Read more…

SEO Services in
Magento CMS

SEO Services in Magento CMS KAT solutions welcome you to the best ethical SEO services with a team of experts and experienced Magneto developers and professionals.
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