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SEO Joomla Services in ChennaiAchieve the best of the search engine optimization with the best SEO Joomla services from KAT solutions, a professional web development and SEO company in Chennai. With more experience in customizing Seo Joomla website for SEO, KAT solutions have created a unique name among SEO consultants and firms. KAT solutions offer affordable SEO services in developing and extending Joomla content management system.

Joomla Design in SEO websites

One of the most important advantages of the Joomla website design is its SEO oriented optimization. The automatic generation of SEO Joomla leads to the guidance into the Google Sitemaps. KAT solutions help in designing the best Joomla SEO websites that is passed through full W3C validation. Ideal for small business SEO websites to large eCommerce websites, Joomla makes the website more optimized for search engine ranking.

Advantages of SEO Joomla CMS

Joomla helps in optimizing the on-page SEO and off-page SEO elements which ensures more traffic for a successful online presence.

Search engine friendly URL with Joomla SEO

Joomla helps you set up SEO-friendly URLs by editing the global configuration on the admin backend. Moreover, you can modify the words of the URL by editing it in the article text editor of the content.

Joomla SEO with image dialog box

The image descriptions or “alt” tags help the search bots see the images correctly. By making the images searchable and visible for the search engine, Joomla helps in SEO of website with its easy-to-fill image dialog box. This helps in instant appreciation and quicker SEO results.

Joomla’s native redirect component for the best SEO practices

Every site will have redirects at one stage, as they evolve over time and change their URLs. With the user-friendly joomla’s native redirect component, it is convenient to redirect users from non-existing pages to new ones in three simple steps. Redirecting visitors to a working new page is one of the best SEO practices for optimization of website.

Joomla offers RSS for better SEO strategy

RSS helps in building more backlinks, which makes search engines like google trust your website and bring it at the top SEO ranking. Joomla’s syndication feeds module helps in setting up RSS feeds for your content. Joomla also provides support to post the feed links on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
As an effective SEO consultant, KAT solutions offer result-driven SEO strategy that will provide a fast and easy way to optimize your website.