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Web Marketingweb-marketing

Web Marketing Companies in ChennaiWeb marketing is a true form of an indisputable art; indeed it is the science of finding the right customers over the digital network that includes the internet and mobile apps. With the increasing habit of people searching the internet for any basic services, the scope of the Website marketing has grown to a greater proportion. Website marketing is rather about the state of mind of the customer, the perceived view of how the Website marketing really works and your connection with the heart of your customer.

Effective Website Presence

Website marketing includes planning for web marketing to make an effective online presence. The prime factor of the Website marketing is to pull repeat visitors with the best Website marketing techniques. KAT solutions stay ahead of the Website marketing wave with their ethical SEO practices. With the expertise in mastering the secrets behind search engines, we promote every successful business towards growth.
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Social Media Marketing

Kat-Solutions-SEO-MarketingWe simply love to meet your marketing needs and go beyond that in promoting your brand on the long run. With passion in our blood for social media optimization, we stay ahead of others by perfectly analyzing the user data on the customer usage and journey on your website.

Utilizing the web platforms, we embrace the concept of conversation, networking and sharing of information to promote your product in the online marketing industry.
Integrating our deep-rooted ideas with the most recent methods and profound understanding of your clients, we build an imaginative and deft social media marketing campaign that suits to your business objectives.
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Pay Per Click (PPC )

Web Marketing Companies in ChennaiPPC is a more focused online advertising tool to promote direct-response of business. PPC aims to obtain quality traffic and convert visitors to potential customers. By delivering high quality traffic, PPC gets you higher conversion rate. Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing & Microsoft Ad center are the most popular Pay Per Click engines.
At KAT solutions, we help you by generating traffic right away through PPC and get potential clients. We also determine the traffic source with the help of conversion rate analysis. Our expert analysis and tracking service helps to identify effective clicks and regulate the campaigns consequently. We analyze the keywords and search engines that bring more visitors and propose the right price per click (cost acquisition per customer) for our clients. KAT solutions actively manage PPC campaigns with regular update of keywords, campaigns, vendors, and bids as often as possible. KAT Solutions is one of the best web marketing companies in Chennai.

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Lead Generation



All the efforts of marketing directs towards one primordial goal, lead generation. The old lead generation model of sending the generated lead to the sales team has found its flaws.



KAT solutions help in the conversion of leads using dynamic landing pages and progressive forms.



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Quality and Efficiency SEO

Web Marketing Companies in ChennaiKAT solutions offer the best SEO optimization to your ecommerce website while also engaging along your side in the development and designing of the website. With better understanding about the business process involved, we manage to provide the best SEO results. This, we make every effort to achieve through the processKAT Solutions is one of the best web marketing companies in Chennai.

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SEO Services

  • Building an interactive, engaging and user-friendly ecommerce site
  • Decreasing the load time of website to reduce the bounce rate
  • Unique content to prevent loss of search impressions
  • Successful social media strategies by promoting reviews, community and photo sharing
  • Availability of mobile version of ecommerce website
  • Integration of Google webmaster tools, Google AdWords and Google Analytics to find and fix the SEO problems
  • Gain an increased website traffic and corresponding increase in sales
  • Connect with more customers than ever before with high conversions
  • KAT Solutions is one of the best web marketing companies in Chennai.
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Internet Marketing

Web Marketing Companies in Chennai

For any growing online business, a strong online presence in major search engines is the most desirable factor. Internet Marketing plays an imminent role in the SEO optimization of your website and bringing more traffic to your online business. It helps in pushing forward the products and services to achieve the successful level of business.
KAT solutions, a pioneer in providing online marketing solutions, provides the best internet marketing services with expertise in various domains. Our expert SEO professionals present SEO based Internet marketing services that is all set to reach your target audience more effectively. Among the various marketing activities, some of our comprehensive strategies include SEO, PPC, SMO and other marketing activities. KAT Solutions is one of the best web marketing companies in Chennai.
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